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Recognise and Enhance Schematic Play, So You Can Provide the Best Resources and Activities to Better Support and Challenge Children's Learning and Development

Dear Practitioner

Children’s schematic play is fascinating and incredibly informative.

If you can learn to identify schema, and really understand the activities and resources that motivate children to learn, you can then provide the very best environments for them.

Many practitioners contact me for training on schematic play because they may know about some aspects, but are not sure how this can be implemented in their setting.

The goal of this course is to examine the nine most useful schema and to give you effective strategies for supporting children’s learning using this knowledge. You will be able to determine how children are thinking, so you can then stretch and challenge them.

Get Access To A Unique Program That Will Help You Easily Identify Children's Schematic Play And Personalise Your Activities For Your Children

All of us, I’m sure, want to improve the support we give to our children. And we want to do it in a way that’s fast, efficient and effective.

But it can be really difficult to take time out of our working day to attend long training courses, or to go events “after hours” when we’re tired and just want to get home.

That’s why I’ve created this online course to teach you what you need to know in simple, bite sized chunks. And that you can access at your own convenience whenever and wherever you want.

I’ve been teaching Schematic Play in face-to-face training courses for many years, and I’ve now put the best of that knowledge and feedback from practitioners into this Schema For Practitioners Course.

What Does The Course Contain?

This course gives you comprehensive descriptions of schematic play, ideas for resources and activities, and the benefits for the children’s learning. This can really help you to stretch and challenge children’s learning, as well as tune into their interests and fascinations.

It also covers how to support parents to use schema in the Home Learning Environment and you can effectively support other staff in your setting.

It consists of 4 primary modules.

Module 1 – Descriptions of schema, resources and activities:

This module explores and examines nine different types of schematic play and includes:

  • Descriptions and discussions of the nine most common Schema
  • Ideas for suitable resources to stretch and challenge children’s learning
  • Identifying some of the challenges and how to overcome these
  • Consideration of Special Educational Needs and Disabilites

Module 2 – Schematic Play, Observations and Planning:

This module focuses on how your knowledge of schematic play can make planning quicker and easier. It includes:

  • How schematic play varies across the Early Years age range
  • Planning in groups using Schematic Play as a starting point, including Possible Lines of Development (PLODS)
  • Linking Schematic Play to the EYFS

Module 3 – Parents and the Home Learning Environment:

This module helps you to extend parent’s knowledge, so they can support Schematic Play at home, including:

  • Practical ideas for parent and the Home Learning Environment (HLE) to embed schematic play
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Ways of collaborating between parents and the setting

Module 4 – Supporting your Staff and other practitioners:

This module gives strategies for supporting others to identify Schematic Play and how you can encourage them to use this knowledge.

  • When to use mentoring and when to use coaching
  • How to support staff to use schematic play in their work
  • Specific guidelines to support colleagues to use schematic play in their work
  • Ideas for mentoring and coaching colleagues
  • Strategies for long term support of staff

You get Lifetime Access to all the training resources. You can access them online, or download them to your computer to review and use whenever you need.

And as a valued course member you also get…

  • Exercises and resource guides to reinforce your learning
  • An end-of-course quiz with certificate of completion
  • Access to a private group on Facebook to the ‘Early Years Advocates’ group for my online course members only, where you can share experiences and ideas with other like-minded professionals
  • Personal support from me in the group to answer your questions

Is This Course For Me?

The course is designed for Early Years Practitioners who want to have in-depth knowledge about children’s Schematic Play.

But it’s not for everyone.

What I don’t want is for you to sign up and then never make use of any of the resources – that would be a huge shame..

The first module is around 60 minutes of detailed training all about schematic play on video. You’ll need to dedicate time to go through the videos and also into planning and implementing what you learn in your own settings.

After that, modules 2, 3 and 4 are around 20 – 30 minutes long, each with an activity for you to complete at the end.

Of course, if you want to invest more time in the course, that’s great. You’ll get even more out of it.

And you can do it at your own pace.

If you need to take more time to go through the course or take a week off to focus on implementation then that’s great too. You have lifetime access to the training and can come back to it whenever you want.

But please only sign up if you’re really going to use the material.

If you can do that, and if you really want to achieve the improvements in support for your children and have a thorough understanding of the deep level learning that goes hand in hand with Schematic Play, then this course could be for you.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

My goal is to give you the very highest quality training that will make a real difference to your practice at a price you can afford. When you buy the program you’ll get instant, lifetime access to the whole course, including:

  • Lifetime access to all four training modules.
  • Practical tips on how to support children’s deep level learning through identification of Schematic Play
  • Exercises and resource guides to reinforce your learning
  • Details on how to train, mentor and support your colleagues to identify and use Schematic Play theories themselves
  • Membership of the private “Early Years Advocates” Facebook group for course members where you can share experiences and ideas with like-minded practitioners
  • Personal support from me in the group to answer all your questions
  • A certificate on successful completion of the course

All for just:

Special Value Price:


Get Instant Access To The Schema For Practitioners Course

Just click the button below and you’ll go to a form where you can enter your credit card details to get access to the course. You’ll be able to purchase the course for the special price of just £47. You’ll then go to a page to set up your account to access the site. You’ll get confirmation details and instructions on how to access the Facebook Group by email too.

I really look forward to having you in the program and working with you to support, stretch and challenge your children’s Schematic Play.

Best wishes,

- Kathy